Saturday, August 16, 2008

wierd science + video games =

been around for a while but worth reposting

also this

Sunday, August 10, 2008

thisisasignin: how does subscribe become subscription with a P
cd c format c: subscribtion
thisisasignin: my diktionarie says wrogn
thisisasignin: but I will use subscribtion out of principal
cd c format c: supscribtion
thisisasignin: there you go
cd c format c: its those olde englishe guys
thisisasignin: lets go to the pub
thisisasignin: shoppe
thisisasignin: ye olde candy shoppe
cd c format c: it would be ye olde candae shoppe
cd c format c: when they went from only speaking to actually writing it down they just friggen picked whatever spelling they wanted

Friday, August 8, 2008

It all started when I was in high school. I was bored, I knew everyone else on the newgrounds bbs. I started to post my inane babblings on the longest thread ever started by a bag headed man named shrapnel. ¥ was everywhere.

Then I got into a serious relationship(by high school standards) and stopped posting on the NGBBS i would maybe post a few times every few days, maybe more on the weekend. When that ended I picked up where I left off averaging 100 posts a day. About what? nothing mostly. I would post in threads about nothing that didn't add anything to the conversation. At that time you actually knew everyone that posted, you could look at the 'users online now ' list and see some actual information. Those few people mattered. And I was one of them!

NG got more popular, and grew and grew and grew. The portal had turned from the top 50 of all time to to 50 of this week. The classics were overshadowed. The BBS started to get moderators. we lived in some sort of mutual ignored state. I wouldn't overly spam and they would let me ¥.

It was about this time I met my future girlfriend. that sounds awful 'hello my future girlfriend' i forget how the rest of it went - one of my first few memes I would come to know by the way, before they were called memes. aanyway she was loaded from a home run gig she had going over in london, ontario, and I had also found an awesome hosting company that i actually wanted to give money to, based on what experience I had running a community for a 'crew' from the NGBBS. - another annoying facet of the NGBBS, which i wont get into.

anyway having money and know the knowledge I went and made a website, including graphics! and tranfered my spambert diaryland posts over. those posts were overflow from the NGBBS, stuff that no one seemed to care about but myself. I had pretty much fallen out of love with the BBS, I had accrued the highest post count of any user. I made my triumphant post at 12k and promptly got temp banned. Oh and man I deserved it. and I am not sure if the biggest topic was locked at that point or not? It was at that point I realized that it really didn't matter anymore i guess? I don't think I even got another hundred posts in after that.

So I moved away. I wanted to put what i thought was funny up on a web site and then have it commented on by my friends. I wrote pages of stuff just tp put on my website, it was a blog, but I didn't want to call it a blog. all blogs are for are to put stuff up about you that no one really cares about. there was a difference with though - I know that SOME people cared about it because they had told me so.

So after a while I suppose I sort of grew up? I realized that the effort I was putting into the blog was not worth it. My sense of time is a bit off, since I worked two different summers at the same place, with grade 12 in between. I was busy with school and during the summer I was working 5 days a week 7-6 and pretty much living with jen. the entire time spasmbot had grown into a community of it's own and really was going in a direction I didnt find constructive. Weeks would go by with a few posts here and there. My friends were growing up much like I was. I wanted more.

With the help of my girlfriend I revamped the site. Spasmbot was to be a content hub of it's own much like newgrounds. I envisioned a web site with FAQs on every subject, reviews of movies, games, books, and anything else. ALL user-submitted! Spasmbot would also be my hub for my own flash games / silly things.

But my creativity failed. so did my free time, I was working all day and also on weekends. also my computer harddrive gave out on one point and I had lost everything. Spasmbot eventually was hacked, the main page replaced by the cyber equivalent of graffiti. I purged everything but I never did get the motivation to do anyhting with it. I wanted to make my website something special, but I had not written anything in months and had not even played around in flash. around this time last year I had to fight with my hosting company because there was spam emails originating from my webserver. I told them the security was compromised and I had to beg them to let me keep paying them for hosting a page of nothing. I swore to myself that I would do something with it soon. I was into this ARG about Halo 3, or maybe it was that NIN album? anyway it reminded me of the other Halo ARGs I had read about and the weird one on the Clockcrew website after it was gone for a year, and then back, and then gone again. thisisasignin was into that one i think.

I wanted to have a series of flash puzzles that would eventually lead the user to what spasmbot was supposed to be, some sort of reward for doing it all.

but I never got around to it of course, i never even re-downloaded flash again. To be honest I don't even know how I would get it now if I wanted to.

Earlier this year I got an email about how my hosting was up soon- the domain would soon become available for purchase. This was very bad timing as I have been very very broke since, oh EVER.

I kinda wanted to keep it but part of me didnt care anymore. let it go I said. like i said i was, and still am, pretty broke. I make enough money to live and a little for fun but to be completely honest, with you the internet, I haven't had any disposable income since before my wedding last year.

oh by the way I got married last year in april. to jen.

I am going to try to get a hold of my friends from and direct them here. for this, is my resurrection of spasmbot. I will make it a point to post once a week in an attempt to explore the creative side of a programmer. I hope to write. I hope to get flash again. I hope to impress myself with something new every week.